Oct 292012
The Nerve Center

My new office…
Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16, 1/80th, f4.5, ISO 1000

Welcome to the Nerve Center. Ok, so it’s just an Ikea-supplied desk, a few books, and my computer, but it’s a start. I painted over the sharks on the walls (sorry, Teddy), spent some time wandering the halls of Ikea, including the “Self-serve furniture” section, where you pull gigantic cardboard-wrapped objects off of industrial shelves, and wonder how the hell you’re supposed to get them to the checkout line, much less your car…  Then home to assemble the desk, find all the cables, and plug everything in.

And now here it is. There is a Drobo in the back there, which is my primary backup (Time Machine), a CalDigit drive which holds my working image libraries, and another backup drive, which is periodically updated (via Carbon Copy Cloner) with my image libraries.

It’s a whole new day! Now it’s time to go shoot some more!


May 122012

Rocks off the shore near Whaler's Cove (D7000, 24-70mm at 28mm, 20sec f14, ISO 100)

I spent today wandering in Point Lobos Park, south of Monterey, with my friend Jason Bradley, looking for nice vistas to shoot… Composition was the order of the day. What is the point of this photograph? It’s rock and water. The idea, as Jason explained, is to identify why you are taking the picture, and simplify, until that’s all that’s left. (I’m paraphrasing, Jason. Put down the bottle!). Experimenting with long shutter speeds to get that creamy effect in the water, this is my favorite so far.

If you could look up, you’d see Monterey off in the distance.

Rocks and Water.  And in this case…. Time.


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