Oct 292012
The Nerve Center

My new office…
Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16, 1/80th, f4.5, ISO 1000

Welcome to the Nerve Center. Ok, so it’s just an Ikea-supplied desk, a few books, and my computer, but it’s a start. I painted over the sharks on the walls (sorry, Teddy), spent some time wandering the halls of Ikea, including the “Self-serve furniture” section, where you pull gigantic cardboard-wrapped objects off of industrial shelves, and wonder how the hell you’re supposed to get them to the checkout line, much less your car…  Then home to assemble the desk, find all the cables, and plug everything in.

And now here it is. There is a Drobo in the back there, which is my primary backup (Time Machine), a CalDigit drive which holds my working image libraries, and another backup drive, which is periodically updated (via Carbon Copy Cloner) with my image libraries.

It’s a whole new day! Now it’s time to go shoot some more!


Oct 152012

I went diving last weekend! Life is good. Spent some time with my buddy and photographer extraordinaire, Jason Bradley, looking at images, talking photography, and maybe drinking a little wine. He showed me (among other things), a beautiful image of an anemone, that just struck me… so I made it a goal for my dive day to try something similar. I find that a great way to expand my photographic repertoire. I’ll never get it exactly the same, but hopefully I have a little of myself in the image(s) I do make. My other photographic goal was to get some sea nettle shots. I really want a good nettle shot! They have eluded me so far.

I woke up Sunday morning, hit Starbucks for coffee and a space to set up my camera gear, and the down to K Dock to pick up the Beach Hopper II, where Captain Mary Jo Nelson and crewman Josh welcomed us. As usual, Mary Jo had baked us fresh cookies (ginger cookies – YUM!). Conditions suggested that we not venture out of the Bay… so we stayed in and had two great dives.

Red anemone

Up close and personal with an anemone at Stonehenge, in Monterey Bay. Nikon D7000, Tokina 10-17, 1/200th, f8.0

First dive
78 Ft, 46 minutes
Water temp: 57 degrees – positively warm!
Viz: 30 feet

Used my (newish) LP95 tank… love that tank. Anyone want to buy a used HP80? A little surgy, but not bad.



A sea nettle at Eric’s Pinnacle, Monterey Bay. Nikon D7000, Tokina 10-17, 1.200th, f7.1


Second dive
Eric’s Pinnacle
50 Ft, 40 minutes
Water temp: 59 degrees – Even warmer!
Viz: 30 feet

Less surge, lots of sea nettles and blue rockfish hovering around. But wait – is this Monterey? The water is this strange blue-ish color… Winter diving is coming, folks!